Can a dwelling grow from the land?

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Architect Clint Miller has been considering this question for over a decade. His work reflects an intricate balance of delicate detail and bold composition, melding traditional techniques and materials with contemporary design and application, resulting in the creation of some the most graceful, unique and innovative residences in the American Southwest.

Clint draws inspiration from people who value the art of design in accordance with functional living space. The passion in his process is evident throughout the evolution of a project, from the first design sketches to the completed home.

Unique, efficient and affordable design solutions
Clint’s mission is to provide the highest quality design while maintaining respect for your needs, time and budget. His design experience is diverse, from formal Mediterranean to Contemporary, and he works with an extensive variety of building materials ranging from conventional frame to the latest high-tech blocks, including the traditional materials of adobe and rammed earth. Clint subtly combines all of these elements and experiences to create homes that redefine the common perception of livable space.

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