Johnson Bank’s desire was to portray a very traditional image of established wealth.  The design, influenced both by early Arizona territorial buildings and by selected features of Pueblo Revival design, is characterized by a flat roof version of Spanish colonial design, expansive decks, and a tower with many stones the full thickness of the wall.

The full-width portal uses a simple beam and corbel structure which spans the spaces between columns.  The resulting arcades and the tower create the essence of the building’ front elevation.  Interior features include hand-scraped, walnut flooring over sleepers to create a hollow sound reminiscent of historic raised-hardwood flooring over joists.

Many of the bank’s cabinets are solid walnut with a tung oil finish designed to continue the early 1900’s theme.  The masonry building is finished with cement-based, hard-troweled plaster.  The result is a building that welcomes customers, while creating an impression of warmth, solidity and tradition.

  • Johnson Bank Sign
  • Johnson Bank Conference Room
  • Johnson Bank Interior
  • Johnson Bank Entrance