The Herrera residence is located in the heart of Scottsdale’s most coveted landscape, the Upper Sonoran Desert. The City of Scottsdale has embraced this rich landscape, populated with natural flora, as its identifying feature, and this native flora is central to the Herrera residence. The location is a prime example of a neighborhood that values living in harmony with its native surrounding.

This neighborhood is also the location of a famous home that was sponsored by the Heard Museum. This authentic, load-bearing adobe home, constructed in the mid 1980s, showcased Responsible Living In The Desert; it was this home from which architect Clint Miller AIA grew inspiration and developed his love for true adobe architecture.

The Herrera home, while simple, embraces the features of the Heard home’s organic architecture. The true load-bearing adobe structure features boutique architecture, where the adobe walls are classified as a mass building design. This long established design, features thick walls that store heat or cool energy and slowly release that energy as the temperature changes throughout the day.

Critical to the Herrera home is its central court design. The home unfolds around the swimming pool courtyard, while the home’s interior engages the pool from three sides.  Both interior and exterior provide prominent views of Pinnacle Peak.

The home’s interior emphasizes natural materials through hand-made Black Walnut doors and windows, wood ceiling beams, exposed concrete floors and unplastered adobe walls which continue the motif of the exterior’s exposed adobe blocks.