Nestled in the upper Sonoran Desert, the Hill home appears to have existed for years amongst the desert sage, brittle brush, creosote and native mesquites. Constructed of mellowed adobe brick, tongue and groove, heavy Douglas Fir beam wood, and a richly rusted roof, this home projects a peaceful strength and quiet beauty. It appears to have grown from the land it sits upon, effortlessly facing the extreme heat, desert downpours, and beating sun. For those who live within, it offers a quiet refuge and safe haven.
Christy and Steven Hill engaged Clint to design a dream home that would capture the spirit of their environment, surrounded by saguaro and horse properties, and would reflect their simple lifestyle and native Arizona roots.

This beautiful Arizona home is testament to their desire to create a home with beauty and grit that will stand bravely and gracefully in the Sonoran Desert for generations to come.

“Not a day goes by that my husband and I don’t reflect on our blessings and this lovely adobe gift we live in,” says Christy. “I awake in the morning to her peaceful walls, the grand views of Black Mountain, and the surrounding desert and pinch myself. Surely, I am dreaming!”

*Low, deep overhangs provide much-needed shade from the unrelenting desert sun. Careful positioning of the home takes full advantage of the seasonal shade in the summer, and the sunshine in the winter. The thick adobe walls provide natural year-round insulation.
*The sloping ceiling in the main room is sustained by Douglas Fir wood beams, exposing the roof’s structure on the inside of the home. The thick adobe walls are complimented by Christy’s innate skill for putting together furnishings with the found artwork she has collected over a lifetime, to create a comfortable, unpretentious cottage look and feel.