Stipek Residence

Nestled in the hills south of Cave Creek’s Spur Cross Natural Preserve, the Stipek home expresses the character of the land on which it is placed. Formed from the sun-dried adobe bricks native to this part of the Arizona desert, it embraces the beauty, grace, and ruggedness of the natural world.
When Clint first met with Dr. Greg Stipek, he learned how much he wanted his home to be connected to the land and how fully he admired the buildings of the national parks. He particularly treasured the Yellowstone Lodge, with its simple yet very large spaces, revealing great wooden beams supported by log poles that hold up the entire structure.
As they talked, Clint realized how striking it would be to use timber framing and load-bearing adobe walls, and the natural materials of his hillside site, to project the home’s structure and release its character.
The Stipek home rises above its foundation as a rustic dwelling, influenced by the Arts and Crafts design exhibited by buildings found in the national parks. Small outcroppings of rock and native plants, within and outside of the home, extend this design and feel. To put the final touches on this character-rich home, Greg planted grapevines and a lush green garden, which have become home to his beloved pets and several desert tortoises.
“I had wanted to do a National Park/Craftsman style home for some time but was unsure of which building material to use. When Clint showed me his first set of drawings, they were exactly what I had in mind. My home fits perfectly into the surrounding environment. and I’m very happy with the design.” Dr. Greg Stipek
Greg wanted a home that looked as if it had surely grown from the land. A home that reminded him of the simple dignity of the national parks. A home that felt right.

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